These House Rules Are the Key to A Clean Home

Maintaining your home in, let’s not say good, but at least satisfying condition, is not that easy, but not something beyond your strengths as well. When you are living alone, you are free to take care of your place just as you like. You are a little bit chaotic and that’s ok, so you won’t bother when your home is somehow messy. You are a fastidious person, who wants everything in life to be perfectly organized and adores the order, so you are cleaning your home regularly and you feel there so damn nice. There comes a moment in life, however, when you happen to live with somebody else and while in the university it is for a couple of months only and you and your roommates are young and wild and so careless that a little bit of dirt is not something that will drive you mad, when you get married and your family starts growing, the things are getting serious and this whole idea of home maintenance and keeping your home not clean, but in a nice condition, is so far away. The pure fact that you and your spouse have completely different habits and cleaning routines and your kids have none makes your house too often look like e battle-field. But the reality is simple – it is all about some kind of proper training and the creating of rules you all have to follow.


Everybody takes care of his own mess 

If this happens, the life of your entire family will be so much easier. Your kids are playing in the living room or in the garden and they leave all their toys right in the middle of this place when they move to another thing they could play with. How much nicer would it be if they put their things where they belong first and only afterwards start with the new game. Make it a rule and create some kind of punishment for those who are not following the rules – kids and parents. You have made a mess at home and haven’t taken care of it, ok, you will be washing the dishes for a week then.

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Bottle or Breast Feeding? What’s the Point of it All?

I have enrolled this year to do a post-graduate course at university specialising in Child and Family Health. I just completed a three-day workshop at university and one topic that was discussed was feeding the baby. I was about 24 when I had my daughter.


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6 Things No One Tells You about Having a Baby

Hi all! Having a baby is the most life changing and body changing experience and having given birth only 2 years ago, I thought I would share six things with you that I wish I had known or that were told to me before that I was surprised to learn about too.

parent's and baby's hands

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Make Sure You Check Baby Crib Ratings before You Buy

My baby’s safety is very important. I am sure it is the same for you. That’s what I have written this article to highlight how you can get a crib based on how difficult it was for me to get one for my 2 year old daughter. When you go shopping for a baby crib, you’re probably look for a well-known brand name to try to find models that have good reviews and so on. Chances are, that you aren’t really looking for the best baby crib ratings before you buy a particular model, but this short post explains why you should. You see, the baby crib happens to be just about the most important thing you will buy for your baby. And you do want professional advice on what the best model is, don’t you?

Baby Crib Safety Tips(1)

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How to get your child to eat healthier

Getting kids to eat healthy may not always be easy and none of us want to argue with our children about what they can and cannot eat! Many parents end up overlooking healthy snacks and going straight to the kid-friendly snacks. By Kid friendly snacks we are talking about cookies, French fries, chips, candy and other processed foods. Foods that are loaded with sugar, saturated fats and other unhealthy ingredients. It is also more difficult as your child gets older to change their diet if they have been allowed to eat foods that are high in sugar and fat over a long period of time.

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