Make Sure You Check Baby Crib Ratings before You Buy

My baby’s safety is very important. I am sure it is the same for you. That’s what I have written this article to highlight how you can get a crib based on how difficult it was for me to get one for my 2 year old daughter. When you go shopping for a baby crib, you’re probably look for a well-known brand name to try to find models that have good reviews and so on. Chances are, that you aren’t really looking for the best baby crib ratings before you buy a particular model, but this short post explains why you should. You see, the baby crib happens to be just about the most important thing you will buy for your baby. And you do want professional advice on what the best model is, don’t you?

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So what is the best model? Is it simply the crib that the baby magazines call the best? Not necessarily. You see, while those reviews can be very useful, what you want for a baby is scientific validation carried out by a recognised authority – not someone who might be promoting a product for a commission. It’s a sad fact that many children have been hurt or worse by baby furniture that doesn’t meet safety standards. It’s not unusual that even the major brands overlook certain safety standards, so what you want is to go by scientifically developed ratings.

So what baby crib ratings should you pay attention to?

Well, to begin with, you want to pay attention to safety more than anything else. You’ll find crib safety ratings on a label hanging off the crib. If you’re buying online, you want to do a bit of research on the manufacturer’s website to do with what it says on the label, as your online store may not publish this information. The most important thing to affect how safe a crib is, is how the bars on the crib are spaced.

That’s about the main area of danger in a crib – that the bars are so wide apart that your baby could get her head stuck in there. There are other safety related areas of how a crib is constructed that can make it unsafe too. Look for ratings for quality of paint used, for how heavy the crib is so that your baby can’t somehow tip it over, and so on.

Once you have the safety angle taken care of, you can look to online user reviews to see how good the ownership experience is likely to be for the crib you have in mind. There have been countless sitcom episodes out there that have played a theme of how difficult baby equipment can be to assemble once you get it home. Be sure that you go with something that’s not unduly complicated.

It’s a funny thing that some makers of baby cribs will make them in nonstandard sizes. Now that might be just fine if it weren’t for the fact that you need them to be a standard size so that you can find a mattress to put in there. What do you do if you find that every mattress out there is 4 inches too small for your crib? You certainly do need to pay attention to this. I came across nagging issues like these all the time. I hope this post helps you select the crib for your special baby easily. My life with my baby has become so much more wonderful even though I am so young, hope yours has too.

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