Pink Themed Party for My Daughter

Hey guys, I just held a small party for my daughter who has been a delicate darling off late. We made it a huge pink themed play date with her friends and I got a chance to socialize with my family’s friends too. It was an amazing experience and I thought I would share what we managed to pull off so that you can throw a similar party for your own kids.


So what is a Pink themed party? It is a social event with the Pink series as a theme. The phenomenon originated with the Pink proms that were originally in the US. The parties allow daughters and mothers to geek out and enjoy in a new dimension and share and enjoy. There are different ways you can do it and here are some ideas with themed favours and supplies that can help throw a great Pink bash.

First, try coming up with themed decorations. You first need to choose a colour scheme that works with what your daughter loves that is your theme. For example, my daughter’s favourite toy is a barby which is also pink. You can use silver, black, white, and red as your colours too. There are several great items that you can use such as black and white candle holders. Crystal if you know it won’t be a super wild affair is another great choice for ambience. If it is a Halloween party, do a throwback with cut outs of your child’s cartoon characters. This time we were all wearing casual attire. I managed to pick up some pink balloons and a maxi dress.


Another suggestion is party favors. Since the first birthday became such a success there has been a lot of pink merchandise that you can get at your local store, or Wal-Mart. There also has been a lot of unique one of a kind items that you can find online at sites. Especially clothing and maxi dresses. If you know your guests are collectors of Pink merchandise this is a great opportunity for them to get stuff. One of the great items I’ve seen is an exclusive limited edition toy featuring characters of toy story. All the kids love these. I managed to pick up one for my daughter too. Use these gifts to impress friends with how much Pink bling you have.

Another great idea is to have themed activities. I mean the movie and books are great for after the party. You need games and other stuff to get people moving. First off use your imagination it can be anything from Pictionary based off the book or trivia competitions. Be inventive to find new types of activities to invigorate your party. After this look online for the themed versions of popular games. Monopoly for example is famous for coming out with special editions to celebrate popular movies, books, and even support local teams. So try to look for these games at your local bookstore, superstore, or online.

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